One week out

It’s one week out until my last final exam for this semester. Math. Statistics. Could have been so much worse! Could’ve been probability (11.16/25…ughh, barely 40%)! English 101, Film are both done and I’ll learn the results on Friday and Saturday – hoping for a B in Film. English is tricky – I’d like an A but I did skip 3 classes and was late once – so, probably B? Ehh. Maybe I’ll do better in 102.

What’s more important though – I still have a project to finish for Math that’s due Monday, last online quiz due Friday, the half-assed online homework from the start of the semester I did (or rather didn’t complete – 50 qs?! I completed 9…) due Friday, and the final exam on Wednesday.

And then I’m done!

For the summer at least! I’ll need to of course do the whole TB test sometime in the next 2-3 weeks, go to volunteer orientation at AHK, talk to the financial aid folk as to why my FAFSA is still not processed, talk to registrar why my credits from ACTFL are still not applied, send my transcript to uni, visit uni to smile and nod why trying to get the right info for transfer, and…right, find a new job.

But I am getting closer every day.

Goals for Fall semester? Get some As – surely Psych and Phil should be an easy A? My GPA has been falling terribly – started with 4.0 – now, I’m at 3.5 and with 2 Bs and 1 A (fingers!), I’ll be falling still.